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"The sense of smell activates the amygdala, which is the seat of emotional memory and fear. By using certain fragrances in ONE specific way one may safely over-write triggers and negative emotional reactions, replacing them with DEEP relief and empowerment that can last.

You can learn how to set yourself free."                                       
                       - Douglas Myrick


"AromaNetix helps reduce negative emotions away. I worked with Douglas to reduce a deep, long-standing emotional trauma that had impacted my work, relationships, and self-image. AromaNetix worked like MAGIC!  I'm sitting here trying to pull up the pain (just to see if I can) and I can't. The hurt is GONE. Thank you with my whole heart!"

"Douglas has created an original, effective personal improvement method that simply works. I released years of emotional suffering and pain in only moments, and the relief continues to this very day. You are going to want to look into this innovative approach."

" I was being impatient with my toddler and had started having some outbursts of anger on a regular basis. The little things were bothering me and bringing about a reaction bigger than the situations.
I was very aware that something was going on and I needed some help. I was introduced to Douglas and AromaNetix through a friend. One 30 minute session with him brought me great relief. A week went by, two weeks went by, and now months later I’m still feeling that relief. It has made me a much more pleasant and patient mother."

Douglas Myrick

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