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Frequently Asked:

Learn more about AromaNetix.

  • WHAT DOES IT DO? - AromaNetix is a self-help method which allows the individual to help herself in many ways, from reducing away emotional baggage and traumatic pain to releasing phobias, fear, and self-limitation. 
  • WHAT ELSE? - AromaNetix not only helps you release the past and feel better fast, but it also helps you BOOST positive factors such as confidence, assertiveness, motivation, and follow-through. If you have a natural talent or skill, why not use AromaNetix to help maximize your performance?
  • AROMA...IS THIS AROMATHERAPY? - While aromatherapy may be great, AromaNetix is not aromatherapy. Aroma is only one element of the overall self-help process.
  • SO, IS IT HYPNOSIS? - AromaNetix is not hypnosis. You remain entirely alert, awake, and in complete control the entire time. In fact, AromaNetix is something you must do for yourself; we simply teach you howto use the method.
  • DO THE RESULTS WEAR OFF QUICKLY? - We make no claims as to duration of results; however many report results lasting YEARS. In fact, the founder's own results have lingered since 2005. 
  • DO YOU HAVE TESTIMONIALS? - Yes, and we are grateful for them. However, always keep in mind that ANY testimonial is subjective, anecdotal experience, and NOT valid, scientific "evidence" of effectiveness. An informed consumer is empowered. 
  • WHY IS IT FREE?  - What's the catch? It's some marketing gimmick, right? Actually, AromaNetix basic information is offeredly freely, without cost or obligation, as a helpful outreach thanks to the generous support of The Chrysalism Project.
  • WHAT IS CHRYSALISM? - Chrysalism is an organization dedicated to promoting health, wellness, and peace. By improving ourselves we empower others to lead happier, healthier, and more peaceful lives. The name "Chrysalism" metaphorically refers to the chrysalis wherein the eager caterpillar transforms into its true potential. We simply help others to help themselves.
  •  IS THIS THERAPY? - This is a very important question! AromaNetix may produce great results, but it is NOT a substitute for therapy, psychology, or medical help. We cannot and do not practice mental health or medical care, whatsoever. The entire scope of AromaNetix is limited to anything that self-help might reasonably aide. If you feel that you need professional care from a medical or mental health provider, obtain those services only from a licensed, duly-trained professional provider. Take no risks with your health. 
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AromaNetix™ Basic Courses

AromaNetix™ basic courses are available free, without cost or obligation. Really. Try them.

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Subscriptions to  AromaNetix™ groups are FREE. Really. 

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Online teaching events such as webinars are offered totally free. Really. 

AromaNetix Services
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AromaNetix basic information is offered freely, but oftentimes individuals want one-on-one help making it all work right.
AromaNetix guaranteed sessions are priced affordably, at only $29.  Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed or it's FREE.

"The sense of smell activates the amygdala, which is the seat of emotional memory and fear. We believe that by using aroma to activate this primal area one may safely over-write the sting of painful memories, replacing bad feelings with relief and empowerment that just might last and last."
Let's teach this interesting method to people who might use the knowledge to set themselves free."

            - Douglas Myrick

Please tell me more?

AromaNetix is an applied, open buffet-style philosophy of mind, forming a group of ideas and suggestions from which you may pick and choose, making use of whatever resonates with your existing values and beliefs, and discarding what does not serve you. Total freedom!  Use what you like, and toss the rest. 

A/N (abbreviation of AromaNetix™) is a simple way to help yourself to release the past, feel better fast, and begin to transform your life experience. A/N practices freedom and respect for the individual. You remain in complete control the entire time. 

A/N offers a series of useful ideas and approaches geared toward creating lasting relief, improved self-awareness, and renewed passion for purposeful living. I encourage you to learn all that you can about our revolutionary self-improvement philosophy. A/N resonates with growth-minded thinkers from all walks of life.

Think for yourself, and take some time to mull over the possibilities. If our message resonates with you, make use of it. Be open and inclusive with your family and friends. Value and strongly consider their opinions and beliefs. They are your support network, and you must always remain in touch with them.

Include family and friends in your positive self-improvement work. Consider the information offered; go over it slowly, pray over it, and give yourself time to think for yourself.

There is no rush. 

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Some Testimonials

Remember that ANY testimonial is at best a subjective, anecdotal experience, and not scientific proof. Think for yourself, always.    - Douglas

"AromaNetix helps reduce negative emotions away. I worked with Douglas to reduce a deep, long-standing emotional trauma that had impacted my work, relationships, and self-image. AromaNetix worked like MAGIC! I'm sitting here trying to pull up the pain (just to see if I can) and I can't. The hurt is GONE. Thank you with my whole heart!"

Laura Williams

"Douglas has created an original, effective personal improvement method that simply works. I released years of emotional suffering and pain in only moments, and the relief continues to this very day. You are going to want to look into this innovative approach."

Sondra Cocheo, MBA

"AromaNetix helped me overcome a terrible fear of public speaking. I was enabled to get up and publically speak in a flawless manner, and it felt great. Thank you for setting me free. I highly recommend AromaNetix to anyone .”

Jenny Johnson

“I hated looking in the mirror because I would focus on my flaws and imperfections. Using AromaNetix, in just one hour, Douglas helped me to release the pain, forgive those who wronged me, and to forgive myself. Today, I look in the mirror and I see a beautiful, confident woman. I am able to freely love and respect myself, and AromaNetix helped to make that possible.”

LaRanda L. Phillips

"I was being impatient with my toddler and had started having some outbursts of anger on a regular basis. The little things were bothering me and bringing about a reaction bigger than the situations.
I was very aware that something was going on and I needed some help. I was introduced to Douglas and AromaNetix through a friend. One 30 minute session with him brought me great relief. A week went by, two weeks went by, and now months later I’m still feeling that relief. It has made me a much more pleasant and patient mother."

Jessi Bergen

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AromaNetix core concepts and basic techniques are made available for download and use, FREE of charge.
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Fully customized, one-on-one AromaNetix session work available for a great, low price. Only $29. Satisfaction Guaranteed, too!

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So, let's recap:

*  AromaNetix basic courses are offered freely.
*  AromaNetix social media groups are free.
*  AromaNetix basic online events are free.
*  Affordable private sessions available. 

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Douglas Myrick


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